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Change is a constant that impacts everyone in some shape or form. In the NFL, players have to be ready to shift with the change that comes on their team. The Carolina Panthers made one of those changes is the addition of Christian McCaffrey in the backfield. Jonathan Stewart has served as the primary option for running the ball and now it's apparent that his designation is Cam Newton Jerseys about to change. His response to such has been the type to indicate a true leader for the organization.“Stop talking about that. Who cares?" Stewart said, as reported by David Newton of ESPN when asked about the potential to receive less carries. “We want to Kelvin Benjamin Jerseys win the Super Bowl, right? That's the bottom line. It's not about people getting carries. It's Star Lotulelei Jerseys not about people getting catches or touchdowns. It's about what can you contribute to get us to the Super Bowl." McCaffrey is expected to have Greg Olsen Jerseys a major impact on both the offense and special teams. If his time in college tells anything, it's that he has the ability to play multiple positions and this fits right into Carolina's play style.On paper, the Panthers have a compelling lineup of weapons in this offense. The duo of McCaffrey and Stewart when paired with Cam Newton present a dangerous running attack. Then there's the passing options with Kelvin Benjamin, Devin Jonathan Stewart Jerseys Funchess, Greg Olsen and newcomer Curtis Samuel, adds another layer that opposing defenses must concern themselves with. While there may not be enough touches to go around for everyone, the key is for these players to make the biggest contribution each time their number is called. “We get guys in here that can add value, guys can do different things, add speed, youth … it gives defenses something to think about," Stewart said, again per ESPN. “At the end of the day that's what you want. You want the defense to think so that way you can get by them."